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Unlock For Us – Windows Wave is the new blog site that will focus on Windows 7 and beyond tutorials, tips, problems, solutions and Best Tools suited to your needs.

Lawrence Albert (me, the author and the owner) started by helping others - extending my analytical thinking and learning skills to the users. Thankfully thousands of people downloaded the applications I created, authors and more than a million page views for the articles, responded after 1 year of Blogging about Windows Vista.

I want to change and improve a lot of things about the computing experience in any operating systems and hopefully I can extend my several years of design experiences (High School, University and Engineering Work Experiences) and implied them to Operating Systems.

Unlock For Us is currently a non-profit website being maintained by only one person with the help of several communities around the world.

If you think that I can make a difference, Please donate to keep me running.

If you are interested, please email me at unlockforme@gmail.com

Thanks in Advance!



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