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How To Remove BitLocker Encryption in Windows 7


Last Time, we take up encrypting and adding password to usb stick for security in Windows 7 using BitLocker To Go feature. Overall, the utility is very useful but unfortunately it will not be included in the Home Premium Editions of Windows 7. Better go to the Ultimate version to get this function. 

Anyway, How to Turn-Off the Encryption afterwards?

Quick Information: BitLocker Drive Encryption is a security in Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise edition designed to help protect data from being accessed or opened by unauthorized users.

Unlocking the Encrypted Drive

Simply type “BitLocker” in Start Menu Search


and Open the BitLocker Drive Encryption Program


Once it opens, just find the drive and click "Turn Off BitLocker


It will ask for a confirmation: “Your drive will be decrypted. This may take considerable time. You can monitor the status of your drive decryption.”

Just proceed by clicking Decrypt Drive


Wait… wait… wait


That’s it…


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Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot, u helpd a stressd mind, bitlocker is terrible if u hv two diffrent OS.


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