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Quick View: Windows 7 Editions/Product Versions


This is one of the most confusing strategy of Microsoft in Windows Vista. Most of the users only know that they bought a Vista Capable Machine.

Unlike Windows XP, Windows 7 again will be launch in 6 product editions. However, Microsoft and OEM Manufacturers will only focused on two editions: Home Premium and Professional Edition.

That’s good!

Microsoft is Changing: Nobody will be left behind

Personally, I agree that Windows 7 should be ship into several versions because nowadays, some of the third world and developing countries are starting to cope up with the new technologies today.   And then, Focusing into two versions is a nice and great strategy but…

Overall, for me: Windows 7 should shipped and focused on Home Premium and Ultimate Edition not the Professional version.

Quick View

Windows 7 Home Premium

Most of the needed features by consumers will be seen in this version.

Windows 7 Professional

Some few differences: Windows 7 Home Premium plus Encrypting File System, Location Aware Printing, Remote Desktop Host, Presentation Mode, Windows Server domain and Windows XP Mode

Personally Professional version is boring… I’ll buy the Ultimate version

Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise Version

Key Features: Windows 7 Professional plus AppLocker, BitLocker Drive Encyption, BranchCache Distributed Cache, DirectAccess, Multilingual User Interface Pack, Virtual Hard Disk Booting

Windows 7 Basic and Windows 7 Starter

The two are limited versions of Windows 7 aims for Emerging markets. Hopefully they will add a simple theme like Luna in Windows XP. I’m sure, netbook users will be shocked because the WEI score is very low. Hack or crack the score? :D


From it’s minimum requirements and after using Windows 7 Ultimate Release Candidate for several weeks.

Windows 7 is a mature and stable version of Vista and for sure, I’ll buy or upgrade to the new version of Windows.


Thanks to: Wikipedia and Paul of WinSupersite



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