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Windows 7 Hidden Secrets, Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

UnlockForUs Ultimate collection of (How-To) Windows 7 Tweaks, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks. This is being updated frequently, so check it out and Enjoy Learning the new Windows 7!

Unlock For Us Windows 7 Power Tools

*** WinBubble, Customize and Tweak Windows 7 Easily

New! Using WinBubbles as TweakUI for Windows 7

WinBubbles-Lite 2009, Access Windows 7 Important Customizations easily

WinGuggle, Gets your Windows 7 Product Key for Backup, System Profile and Customizes Manufacturers Information completely

RegDevelop, Create your own TweakUI for Windows 7

Easy To Remember Password Generator

Encrypted Password Generator For Online Banking, Mails, Facebook, Friendster and Other Social Networking Sites: You don’t need to remember difficult-to-memorize secure password anymore


Permanently add Open Command Window Here to Folders Right-Click Menu

Faster way to Search files and folders using your command prompt

The computer turns off even if put to Sleep function is disabled at plugged in

Display all drives using command prompt

Retrieve and display the list of DOS commands at command prompt

Where to find the hard drive location of temporary files

How to launch Disk Cleanup using Run window or command prompt

(Quick Tip) How to access Folder options through command prompt

Unlock! Create a hidden or invisible drive

Tip! How to execute an app during Windows startup

Work around to get a digital copy of Windows 7

Keyboard shortcut or hotkey to access all Taskbars Program

How to Convert a FAT Volume to NTFS using command prompt

Built-in Command or Executable file to Monitor a Shared Folder



Get Ready with Windows 7 using the Upgrade Advisor

* Profiler: Get the most important System Information about your computer in one location

*** Windows 7 New Features, Technologies and Terms to Learn

* Using Windows Easy Transfer to migrate Files and Settings

Quick View on Windows 7 Editions/Product Versions

Quick View on Windows 7 Hardware Requirements

TweakUI For Windows 7 : The Ultimate Tweaker


Windows 7 Hacks, Tips and Tweaks

*** Windows 7 Login Screen Wallpaper Changer Utility

** How to Add Control Panel Items in Windows 7 (Folders, Programs or Applications)

Activating Windows 7 Administrator Account Mode

*** How to Check the Processor Type, OS version and BIOS Information on a Computer running in Windows 7

*** Add Right-Click Menu Entries to your Network Context Menu in Windows 7

** How to Accept incoming Dial-up Connections in Windows 7

*** Adding Virtual Folders and Shortcuts to My Computer Window in Windows 7

* How to capture and take Screenshots of the Welcome Screen in Windows 7

***** Add Disk Defrag, Check Disk and Disk Cleanup to Disk Context menu in Windows 7

** How to Change the Command Prompt Background and Text Color in Windows 7

*** [Enhanced] Display/Clear the Recent Programs in Windows 7 Start Menu

*** Hotkey to open a program in Administrator mode or Privilege in Windows 7

* Setup a Backdoor in Windows 7 Welcome Screen

*** Fun Stuff! How to Change Windows Experience Index (WEI) score in Windows 7

*** How to get and play mp4 Youtube videos in Windows 7

* How to Refresh your Icons, Explorer and Update Group Policies settings instantly

** [Windows 7] Keyboard Shortcut to Turn Off - On Aero

*** Adding Icons to Right-Click Menus in Windows 7

How to Burn ISO Files or Disc Images in Windows 7

* Improving Windows Experience Index Score for free

* Add Turn Off/On Aero to Computers Right-Click Menu in Windows 7 (and Vista)

Easily Change the Default Download Directory in Windows 7

How to Add Start Menu Recent Item List in Windows 7

How to Create System Repair Disk for Windows 7

* Inserting Special Characters with Windows Character Map

Error-Checking of Logical Drives in Windows 7

How to Use Disk Cleanup Maintenance Utility in Windows 7

* GUID and Random Number Generator

* Basic to Advance Built-in Network Troubleshooting Tools in Windows 7 (and Vista)

*** Tips for creating a strong password on Windows 7

* How to Get the Product Key in Windows 7

*** Easy way to hide files and folder in Windows 7

Testing your computer for Bad memory using the Memory Diagnostic Tool

** Using Event Viewer in Windows 7

* Command Line Switches and Tools Tab Customization for the System Configuration Utility

* How to get your Computer and Server IP address

How to Access the Network Connection List window in Windows 7

*** How to Reset Windows 7 User Account Password

*** Query User Utility, Displays the Logon Time for Windows 7

*** Directly Download Windows 7 For Free – Enterprise Edition

*** Keyboard Shortcut for Shutdown Button in Windows 7

*** How to Remove Invalid “Open With” Menu Program Entry

How to Customize or Change the Welcome Screen Background in Windows 7

Hiding Drives with No Media mounted in Windows 7

** The New Windows 7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts or Hotkey Lists

*** How to Create a Password Recovery USB Disk in Windows 7

Show the Hidden Shutdown Dialog Window in Windows 7

Using Windows 7 BitLocker To Go, Secures USB Flash Disk Easily

How To Remove BitLocker Encryption in Windows 7

*** How to Add or Put Message Before Login in Windows 7

Easily Remove or Set OEM Logo and Support Information in Windows 7

Skip the Welcome Screen in Windows 7


Windows How To and Help Guides

*** Optional update delivery is not working - “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.”

**** “An unauthorized change was made to Windows. You must reinstall or restore Windows system files to activate.”

*** Disconnect Button is not responding in Windows 7

Solution for Windows 7 RC Download Problem: 32-bit and 64-bit



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