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How to Unlock Windows 7 User Account Password (also works with Vista)

WindowsUserAccount What if you forget your Windows password on specified user account?



Business centers

If your account is on a Windows domain, ask your IT center that manages computer problems or if it is done locally, contact your system administrator to reset the password. Usually it will take 15 minutes only to finish.


Not on the domain

1. Using the activated Administrator Account (also works in Windows XP and Vista) or another administrator account. At the command prompt use the command below to change the password.

net user [specified username] *


net user [specified username] [new password]


Using WinBubble


WinBubble will automatically get the list of the User accounts inside your computer (including the hidden administrator account).

Open the application and go to the  Specific Tab and click the User Accounts CP button. Once the Windows User Account tool is open click the specified User account and push the Set New Password button. Type in the new password and press OK.

That’s it! WinBubble incorporates tons of small features not just for the geeks but for all!


2. Use the built-in password reset tool using USB Disk.

Read here for more information


3. What to do if you don’t have another administrator account on the computer and you did not create a usb password recovery.

Prevention is better than Cure

The new version of WinBubble has the capability to launch the application while in the Welcome screen.

If you’ve activated the new feature by clicking the Logon button or the Ease of Access center button in the Windows Utility Tab, you can reset and change the password using the first step while on the Welcome screen.


4. If all steps doesn’t work try Googling for free and paid softwares that will help you recover your Windows Account.


Hope this helps!


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Windows 7: Optional update delivery is not working - “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.”


For several years now Microsoft started to fight non-genuine copies of Windows. Unfortunately still some legal copies are affected by the anti-piracy system.

Once you see the message above (Windows Vista or 7) reboot your system as soon as possible and once you login again, Click the Start Menu type “activate windows”.


However some users click “Get online and resolve now” link and they get a message Windows Activation:


“An unauthorized change was made to Windows. You must reinstall or restore Windows system files to activate.”

Proceed with the same procedure, reboot your PC and Activate windows.

Microsoft also recommends to uninstall programs that checks your system files such as anti-spyware and third-party firewall.

For me, anti-piracy is not needed in all version of Windows because sometimes this a good strategy for both both hardware and software manufacturer to popularize a product.

Anyway, All of us have different views but most of the time we share the same goals in groups. So if you have some suggestions please post to the comments below. Thanks!


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Other ways to disconnect the Internet in Windows 7

The new way of connecting to Internet and other networks in Windows 7 unified most of the processes into one single Window.


This is a huge leap for design based on simplicity.

Users asked me few weeks ago, after using their computer for several hours the disconnect button for the Broadband network connection doesn’t respond.



Incase you don’t want to memorize the commands for tools or don’t have the skills on computers. Just use WinBubble, It unifies every useful utilities needed for Customization and Tweaking. Go to the Windows 7 Tab and click the Network and Other Tools Button.

1. Using rasphone

Simply type rasphone in Start Menu Search



Hit the Hang Up Button! :)

2. Using RasDial from my previous article in Windows Vista and XP

rasdial /disconnect

That’s it.

Hope this helps!


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WinBubbles, Customize and Tweak Windows 7 UI Easily

Just like Windows 7, WinBubble was designed to be more mature, user friendly and tons of small features making every task simpler.

Quick Translation: Germany | Japanese | Chinese | Portuguese | Spanish | French | Korean | Italian | Russian | Greek | Dutch | powered by Google Translator


The new version of WinBubbles, customization freeware designed for Windows 7 was tested for three months but the builds was not released for public.

WinBubble Version 2


Download the newest version! Click Here

Portable versions: Here

List of Features in Details: Read here

Screenshots in Japanese Website: Check here

Published in Windows 7 news Site with complete Screen Shots! Read Here



washingtonpost pcworld

computerworld chippickger


editorspick  editorspick spick_windows created a complete screenshots of the utility, wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH for THE MORE THAN 35,700 DOWNLOADS!

CNET.COM Thank you for more than 31,200 DOWNLOADS and complete features!

Again Thank you! for the *Major Geeks Storms*

FREEWAREFILES.COM for the Editorials Pick! and Thank you so much!

Windows Vista / 7 change tool preferences – published the detailed features in Japanese! wow! Thank you so much for the translation! Even if I stayed and worked in Japan for almost two years overall, I never learned how to speak Japanese. translated them in details! Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!

Windows 7 News

WinBubble is a tweaking utility which lets you  enhancing the Windows 7 or Vista Experience by modifying various elements – source


Free Tuning for Windows: WinBubble gives you access to hidden system settings in Windows. In the new freeware combines the specially Tweaks for Windows 7 under its hood.


WinBubbles enables you to customize and tweak several Vista features, including the Bubbles screensaver, which cannot be customized from the screen saver settings dialog.

"WinBubble" has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several
industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of
adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your
product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future.

To assure our visitors that WinBubble is clean, we have granted it with the
"100% CLEAN" Softpedia award. To let your users know about this
certification, you may display this award on your website, on software
boxes or inside your product.

More information about your product's certification and the award is
available on this page:

Feel free to link to us using the URLs above. If you choose to link to the clean award page for your product, you may use the award graphic or a text link: "100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia".

WinBubble 2.0 comes with all the features and tweaks that you actually like to see in a good Windows tweaking tool


Key features

# 200+ Windows 7 tweaks

# Customize screen savers

# Customize desktop icons

# Personalize drive and folder icons

# Tweak logon screen

# Access 30+ hidden Windows tools

# Optimize Windows 7 with special tweaks

# Personalize context menus

# Tweak Internet Explorer

Windows 7 users can find the most popular tweaks like adding or removing entries from the context menu, changing the OEM information, replacing visual effects, and optimizing tweaks to increase the performance of the machine.


  • Portable and installer available
  • 200+ tweaks
  • Integration of third party tools
  • Explanations of features provided on website


  • Interface feels crowded with tweaks
  • Messy developer homepage
  • No reset to default settings options included the program in one of the Windows 7 Tweaks Software Overview!


Freewarefiles, Tweakhound and STORMS coming in! Thank you so much!

Feedburner hits number 4 and hits number 6 for this day! THANKS! Storms rank 3rd for this 31st day of March. Thank you so much!

I’d like to thank the following sites that gave huge hits one to two years ago. SORRY for the late response…

WinBubble Version 2 Highlights

Screenshot of Windows 7 Logon Features of WinBubbles


Welcome Screen Customizations


Updated Right Click Menus


Password Protection


Tons of New Customization Features


Several months in the making

All features was documented one by one.

Most of the ideas in the new version was conceptualized last January 2009 but unfortunately I have no time to develop due to RegDevelop, some problems in raising funds to buy several domains and web space for future projects and almost 5 months of training and studying various languages at the same time.

As of now, a new website for all the documentations needed is being created one by one.

WinBubble probably will be the last Vista version due to several changes occurred in Windows 7.

Again, Ideas will always be a part of innovation….



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