Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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Other ways to disconnect the Internet in Windows 7

The new way of connecting to Internet and other networks in Windows 7 unified most of the processes into one single Window.


This is a huge leap for design based on simplicity.

Users asked me few weeks ago, after using their computer for several hours the disconnect button for the Broadband network connection doesn’t respond.



Incase you don’t want to memorize the commands for tools or don’t have the skills on computers. Just use WinBubble, It unifies every useful utilities needed for Customization and Tweaking. Go to the Windows 7 Tab and click the Network and Other Tools Button.

1. Using rasphone

Simply type rasphone in Start Menu Search



Hit the Hang Up Button! :)

2. Using RasDial from my previous article in Windows Vista and XP

rasdial /disconnect

That’s it.

Hope this helps!



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