Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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Add Turn Off/On Aero to Computers Right-Click Menu in Windows 7 (and Vista)


This functionality is difficult to registry tweakers to enable due to elevation of User Account Control is needed.

Here you are! WinBubble will do it in just two clicks!

Everybody loves Windows Aero, the default graphical user interface that gave a glass like functionality to window borders.

Turn it off while on mobile and surfing the net. It can give you a minimal boost in performance and a good battery usage.


Open the application, at the general tab Click to Check the Explorers context menu feature:

  • “Turn OFF Aero” to Computer Icon
  • “Turn On Aero” to Computer Icon

Right-Click any part of the program and choose “Apply Settings”.

If your having some problem with the transparency, you can reset the functionality using the tool. Read here.

That’s it! hope this helps!



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