Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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GPS Software Without GPS Receiver for Windows 7

The old new thing location finder software without hardware is now available for free in Windows 7!

I don’t know if this is really new because the technology is already available more than 17 years ago (maybe… joke).

Using the Windows 7 sensor named “Geosense” and Google Maps Client software, you can locate your computers location instantly within 10-15 meters accuracy on some users and 50-200 kilometers in my approximation on other users.


“Geosense is designed to use a hybrid mix of geolocation service providers and geolocation methods to pinpoint the most accurate location information possible - including but not limited to WiFi triangulation, cell tower triangulation and IP lookup.”

Try now!

Overall the software is promising and interesting but i don’t know what’s the reaction of users with regards to privacy.

Great Job Long and Rafael!



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