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How to Refresh your Icons, Explorer and Update Group Policies settings instantly



Did you ever encounter emptying your recycle bin but the icon doesn’t refresh or change to its original state even if you press F5 key? Changing some settings in your desktop,  Taskbar, Start Menu and Windows Explorer, and you did not see the effect that you need to restart or logoff-login again.

Here you are! This tip will help you refresh your desktop instantly.

Using the newest version of WinBubble, you can easily update the settings in just few clicks!

It’s not a 100%-perfect to refresh the Group Policies in the Registry but most of the time, It works!

It depends on how you’ll setup the utility.

Open Admin Tools

"[Folder Location of WinBubble]\Tools\AdminTools.exe"

e.g. C:\Program Files\WinBubble\WinBubble 2

Create a shortcut and add hotkeys for the tool with the parameter


Command Line Options to refresh your Desktop, Taskbar, Explorer and Group Policy Settings

"[Folder Location of WinBubble]\Tools\AdminTools.exe" –refresh

That’s it! Hope this helps!



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