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Improving Windows Experience Index Score for free

This is the simplest way to enhance and improve your benchmarks using WinSAT.

Not really. Sort of. :)

Using the newest version of WinBubbles, you can easily change and artificially increase any score such as  System (Overall) rating, Memory, Cpu, Graphics, Gaming and Disk Benchmarks.


Note: Stores may trick their customers by modifying the wei score so before you buy a laptop or a new PC machine. Don’t forget to re-run or update the scores.

Read here for more information. This is for educational purpose only and don’t use the option in any illegal purposes.

Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) is a free benchmarking feature of Windows 7 and Vista that computes for various performance characteristics of your computer.

If you have some gaming problems in Windows 7 and Vista. Try to change the scores and see the results… Sweet! (not yet tested).

Over-clocking? or over-joking?

Have fun!



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