Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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Real Time Innovation: Trip around world - in 3D to 4D!

Almost eight years ago, when I was in the third year studying Electronics and Communications Engineering, I was hired by Metropolitan Water District Mapping Project to digitized all the drawings and make things easier using AutoCad for few months.

I was proud of my work because I have so many ideas back then. Like, what if I buy a GPS and create an interface to AutoCAD and it will automatically draw a map of the entire city while driving a car. Also, by adding a snapshots and pipeline drawings you can add a 3D model of houses instantly.

All I have are ideas that never made a single money. hahaha :)

The problem with innovation is finding who will support your ideas.

At school, I created a software for designing the path for Microwave Installation and use the digitized map that I created. I named it, “Lawrence Microwave Design Software”. It will automatically compute for the altitude, elevation, frenzel, draw the path profile,  and many things in just few minutes.

A few years later….

Google Earth was released for free.

Even if you have so many ideas, somewhere or sometime it will be created by other people in other parts of the globe. I’m sure of that.

We are all interconnected in many ways that there is always a time that your idea will be created. By you or other people.


Real-time Innovation

A few hours ago, there’s a 5.2 magnitude earthquake occurred at Samar, Philippines.

Google Earth Showed me by accident real-time! wow!

samar quake


Nice Job Google!




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