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Using WinBubbles as TweakUI for Windows 7 (and Vista)

In just two clicks, the freeware application will help you to maintain, customize and tweak your Windows 7 easily. Its features cover Maintenance, Customization, Security and Optimization.

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WinBubble is an easy-to-use FREE tweaking and customization utility that focuses on enhancing your Windows 7 and Vista Experience. Even If your not a dedicated or just starting to learn to customize your computer, WinBubble will make every tweaking much easier.

Not Just For the Geeks But For All!

New Features of WinBubble Version 2!

Modifying Owner Information and Branding your Windows 7 Machine


The new version automatically loads and scans your PC with available bitmap files and lets you change user information easily.

Welcome Screen Wallpaper Customization and other Logon Features


Using WinBubbles, you can easily customise the Welcome Screen wallpaper before login using the ease of access center icon located at the lower left side of the screen. The program automatically convert all your existing wallpapers and put them into one location in which each file size less than 250kb. The automatic image converter was tested to more than 4,300 images ranging from different sizes.

Hidden Windows Utilities in Windows 7 and Vista


Want to learn about these hidden tools in Windows 7 and Vista? WinBubble was designed to access this tools in one location for educational and maintenance purposes.

WinBubble Built-in Tools



WinBubble is loaded with small tools that makes your life easier.

My Computer, Desktop, Control Panel and Icon Customizations


The great thing about the new version of WinBubbles is that you can customise many simple things in Windows 7 for free. For example changing the drive icons easily using the existing Windows high resolution Icons, Useful Right-Click Menu Customizations and many more. WinBubble will do it for you in just few clicks.

Adding Icons to Right-Click Menu in Windows 7

Useful Right-Click Menu and Desktop Customizations using WinBubble




There are so many things that you can do with the new version of WinBubble especially in Windows 7. The possibility are endless especially when I acquired the necessary skills in the next few months.

Add Disk Defrag, Check Disk and Disk Cleanup to Disk Context menu

Optimisations and Restrictions using WinBubble


Speed things up and Add Security to your Windows Machine using WinBubble.





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