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How to setup strong Passwords to User Account in your Windows 7 Computer

Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your PC. It can be made up of combination of letters, numbers and especial symbols to log on and access programs, files and documents.

Making sure that you have strong passwords for all accounts on your computer are very important.

Open the Command Prompt as administrator


Once the command prompt is open, type net user to view the list of users in the system.


The great thing is, there is a built-in command in windows that provides a strong random password to user account that you can write down.

How to assign random password to user account in Windows


Just use the command net user [username] /random as shown in the picture above.

Using Wintinker Password Generator to provide strong, easily-to-remember and hard-to-guess password in any user account.

Lower Case

Upper Case

Alternating Case

command: net use [username] password

e.g. net use ilao f@c3800k

Hope this helps!

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