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How to get and play mp4 Youtube videos in Windows 7

After the new revision of youtube, there are lots of users asking why and how to save these youtube clips for offline viewing and putting them to your music players like ipod and ipod touch.

Some of the famous youtube downloader sites like keepvid and savevid went down for few days because of the changes occur at youtube.

For the Changes

  • probably, the users themselves are now directly responsible for archiving of these youtube videos because of the new system

  • There is now a clear separation or Youtube.com is now totally not responsible because the youtube links are being generated by the user each time it loads.

Disclaimer Notice
Again, This guide was created for educational purpose only and the author is not responsible for any illegal purposes. If you decide to save any video, use it at your own risk. Do not sell, share the downloaded videos, and create any illegal use of the guide.

Easily Save as MP4 for offline viewing

  • For what I’ve learnt, converting or accessing the MP4 format is still possible. Just add &fmt=18 at the end of the url. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlkBIPe3-f4&fmt=18
  • Drag this bookmark in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Right-Click this link > Add to Favorites for Internet Explorer:

Get Youtube Links

  • You can now get the MP4 format by clicking the bookmarks or favorite while watching any videos.

One of the best feature in Windows 7 Media Player is the support for playback capabilities of several known formats such as MOV, MP4, 3GP, M4A, DivX and many more, without installing any codecs.


and if you want to play them before you login to Windows. Check out WinBubble, the new version supports the launching the app in the Welcome Screen.


Hope this helps!



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