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How to Put Welcome Screen Messages in Windows 7

If you have many computers and your using that in your business, your computer are shared within your family or you just want to put some messages once the computer restarts. This tip will give you an idea how it is being done using Regdevelop and Windows Registry.

Using Regdevelop to add Welcome Screen Messages


Using Regdevelop, the tool lets you create programs for windows registry. It’s easy. Try!

Download the program created 

If you want to re-create the program, study the references and look for “Message before entering Windows”.

Using Windows Registry to put value data at “legalnoticecaption” and “legalnoticetext” value names

Run Regedit.exe as administrator by typing regedit in Start Menu Search. Press CTRL+SHIFT+Enter or use Right-Click and Run as administrator and proceed with the registry path below:


Find these registry names



Double-Click any of them and write any messages such as greetings or reminders. To restore, just remove your messages.


Another example:


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"Switch Between Windows" and "Show Desktop" feature in Windows 7

Show desktop icon located at Quick launch toolbar is one of the most used feature in windows. When you click the icon, it lets you view the windows desktop and if clicked again, it will restore the original view.

Great while navigating your softwares and files!

At windows 7, Show desktop is now one of the fix feature located at the right most part of the taskbar.


Hidden Location of Quick Launch Bar at Windows 7

C:\Users\[username]\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

%userprofile%\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

you just need to navigate the folder location and you can see the two features still existing – “Show Desktop” and “Switch Between Windows”


One of the problem that you will notice - it is a shortcut link not an scf file or Windows Explorer Command. The solution – open your notepad and create the configuration below and save it as “Show Desktop.scf”


For windows vista, you can try using the command Rundll32 DwmApi #105 for Switch between windows.

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