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Important Power Management Features of Windows 7

Let's dig and cover what's important energy efficiency features of Windows 7 that core users must know.

Windows 7 doesn't include a large number of new technologies compared with Vista but it has a large number of improvements such as User Account Control (UAC) interactions, Power consumption analysis, Data Encryption, Internet explorer Protected Mode, Windows Firewall improvements and  Microsoft Anti-virus software.

Windows 7 as Energy efficient System

Windows 7 already provides rich energy saving features extending the existing capabilities by reducing the power consumption and increasing the battery life compared with the previous version of Windows.

The power policy of Windows 7 to it’s hardware components has been improve to the point that mini-laptops became popular all over world. Let’s take a look at the average power consumption of modern laptops.


Quick Tip:

  • From the figure above, the easiest way to extend battery life and save energy consumption is to reduce the brightness level of the display.
  • For Desktop PC, the easiest way to reduce the power consumption is to configure "Turn off the display" after 2 to 5 minutes.


  • User powercfg /energy to analyze and find problems in energy efficiency related cases.

Windows 7 is already managing the processor performance and other hardware components, and changes it dynamically based on the current usage to provide performance increase when required and save energy based on the current application you are running or using.

For example, when the system is only a small portion of it’s speed or mostly idle, there is no need to be running the processor in the maximum performance mode, instead the processor voltage and frequency is automatically lowered to save power. When truly idle, the processor power consumption can be as low as 100-300mW and 35W for full-blown usage such as playing games and using processor, graphics and memory extensive applications.



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