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Work around to get a digital copy of Windows 7

Having some problem figuring out how to download a copy for the older version of Windows? Here your are!

Windows 7 is one of the newer operating system of Microsoft designed to be stable, less clicks and mature OS. Microsoft created hundreds of small improvements including big ones making its design easier and better.

Read here for its complete documentation: Downloading Windows 7 for Free [Full version]

Summary of the Download Hack

1. Make sure that Akamai Download manager is installed and CLICK for the Links (x86 and x64)

- an information dialog box will be shown in your Internet Explorer browser prompting you to install "ActiveX control:...".


2. Copy and Paste the Download links for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the OS to your Address bar:

3. Wait for the IE response as shown below


That’s it!

Really cool…


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How to execute an app during Windows startup

Do you always open the same app after restarting your computer? You can automatically run a program when Windows starts, here’s different ways to do this.

Method 1: Using the Startup Folder located at the Start Menu

The startup folder located at users Start Menu let’s you configure applications to run when windows starts. You just need to create a shortcut of the program into the folder.

Startup folder of the Current User

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Startup folder for all users

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

-Works with Windows 8, 7 and Vista-

Method 2: Using your Windows Registry to create a string value for the program

At Windows Registry, any program can be configure to run at startup by creating a string value and putting the path of the program.


Right-Click any space for the Registry Folder locations below –> Choose the Menu New String Value -> write the name of the program or any –> double click the created string value and input the File Path of the program

Windows Registry Folder Locations

For the Current User


For All Users


Running the program Once after Windows Starts

- Current User


- For All Users


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How to Activate User account from command line

If you love the idea of hiding things including your user account to your family members or you just want to re-enable the hidden administrator account.

Here’s a quick tip to enable any account from the command prompt.

All you need to do is open the command prompt as administrator, press Win key and type “cmd”. Right-click and choose Run as administrator.

With Password - myP@ssword

Net user Lawrence myP@ssword /active:yes  

-> activates the hidden user account Lawrence

Net user Lawrence myP@ssword /active:no    

-> Hides or disables the user account Lawrence

If you want to enable the hidden administrator account, use this command: Net user Administrator P@ssword /active:yes  

Without a Password

Net user Lawrence /active:yes

Net user Lawrence /active:no

Net user Administrator /active:yes  


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Keyboard shortcut or hotkey to access all Taskbars Program

Starting from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Windows 8, All programs pinned to taskbar has it’s own keyboard shortcut. Windows automatically assigns combination of keystrokes giving direct access to a particular program.


How? Simply use Win key + “position of the icon” as shown above.

Example: Win + 1 for Internet Explorer and Win + 2 for the Libraries Icon

That’s it!

Keyboard shortcuts or hotkey in computers is a group of keys that gives simple ways to launch a program using combination of keystrokes. It can make life easier to work with your computer and saving time and effort as you work with your apps.

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Website pages appears to be blank or not correctly displayed in Internet Explorer

Some web pages might not display correctly and displays blank pages (just white or 404 error) in Windows Internet Explorer. For example, some portions of a website pages might be missing, information are in the wrong locations, or colors and text might be incorrect.

Let’s try some of these options if a portion of the website is blank or doesn't display correctly.


Using Compatibility View

Compatibility view fixes those display problem like missing information, incorrect color or text by displaying the website as if you were using the older version of Internet Explorer.


Tracking Protection for the website

Tracking Protection is a security feature in Internet Explorer that disables websites keeping track of your online activity. It prevents websites from gathering information about your web browsing.

The feature might intervene with your web browsing.


turning off hardware acceleration feature to help display issues

According to Microsoft, Hardware acceleration uses your PC's graphics processor to speed up graphics dependent tasks like video streaming and online gaming.

Note: Older versions of Internet Explorer doesn’t use hardware acceleration. If you have Internet Explorer 9 and above, you can try these steps:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer, Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.

  2. Click the Advanced tab, and then select Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

You can turn the feature off by unchecking the configuration option.

That’s it!

Thanks for reading the article!


Android: Performing Factory Data Reset on your phone or tablet

If you want to return your phone or tablet in its original state, you need to go to the Factory Reset option located at phones privacy menu.

When Factory Reset option is launch

All your photos, music and others will not be remove from your memory card while programs and their data will be uninstalled.

How to perform a factory reset:

Go to Settings  Menu and Privacy options as shown below - on some devices, the configuration to factory reset is located under Phone storage.


Note: To recover those apps that you purchased, you'll need to sign into your device with the same Google Account.

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How to View or Remove temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer

Windows Internet Explorer saves temporary Internet files which serves as a cache on the PC's data drive so that previously open website pages viewing will become faster.

Here’s how to view or delete these temporary files.

About Temporary Internet Files

Temporary Internet Files are copies of website information, images and media that are save for speeding up loading of web pages.

To view temporary Internet files

  1. Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then Internet options.

  2. Once Internet properties windows open, At the General tab, under Browsing history group, click Settings.

  3. In the Settings dialog window and current location group, click the View files button.

That’s it!

To delete temporary Internet files

If you want to free and saves more space, caching more data is not good. Periodically freeing up these spaces by deleting Temporary internet files is recommended.

  1. Click to open Internet Explorer, Go to the Tools button, and then click Internet options or use the Run Window (Win+R), and type “inetcpl.cpl”.

  2. Under the General tab, and Browsing history group, click Delete button.

  3. In the Delete Browsing History window, select to check Temporary Internet files, click Delete button, and then OK.

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Free downloadable Themes and Desktop Wallpaper from Microsoft

The Personalization Gallery is the website created by Microsoft to get free wallpapers and themes. There many categories to choose from and you can get them from Microsoft in  high resolution format without any charge.


A theme is a group of pictures, colors, and sounds combines together for customizing and personalizing your PC. The new version Windows (7 and 8) has new exciting desktop customization features.



The personalizing gallery also includes collection of desktop wallpaper which makes it easier to keep your Computer in balanced with your taste. You just need to browse different categories and check out these selection of free images. Get one you like, and save it - from natural wonders to a masterpiece works of art.



Get now!


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Windows 8 Shutdown.exe command update: Boot Selection Menu and Fast Startup

Here’s the two command update for Windows 8 shutdown.exe:

Boot Configuration Menu before restarting your computer

shutdown /r /o /f /t 00

The Boot Configuration Menus let’s you select options to continue using Windows 8, switching to another OS (dual boot configuration) and Troubleshooting your computer (Reset or refresh your PC, or use the advance utilities for system fixes, recovery and restoration)

Hybrid Shutdown option

shutdown /hybrid /f /t 00

For Hybrid shutdown of Windows 8, the utility first prepare for the fast startup configuration then shutdown your computer. The Faster startup boots faster after saving the information before shutting down your Windows 8 computer. The feature only resumes the saved information for faster startup.

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How to Set your Default Internet Browser in different ways

You can choose which internet browser to use, here’s a quick tip on configuring which browser you want to use everyday.

How to make Internet Explorer as your default browser
  • By Confirmation (Yes or No)


  • By Settings
  1. Go to the Internet Options by pressing Win+R and typing “inetcpl.cpl”, same with the Search option.

  2. Go to the the Programs tab, and then click Make default.

  3. Click OK to save changes.


Other Web Browsers available for download:

  • Google Chrome is an Internet browser that runs webpages and applications with speed - It's fast, stable, and easy to use. Read web pages more safely with malware and phishing protection built into Google Chrome.
  • Firefox delivers safe, easy internet browsing. A familiar user interface, enhanced security features including protection from online identity theft, and integrated search let you get the most out of the web.
  • Safari, the supercharged web browser, is the fastest and easiest-to-use web browser ever for Mac and PC. It display web pages quickly, makes finding web sites a snap, and is filled with innovative features – all delivered in an efficient and elegant user interface with the attention to detail that you expect from Apple.
  • Opera browser makes the best internet experience on any device
  • Internet Explorer or IE provides an easier and more secure web browsing experience. The program performs quick searches right from the toolbar, custom print your internet pages, and discover, manage, and read RSS feeds.

How to make another internet browser as your default web browser

  1. Go to your run window (Win+R) and type: control.exe /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms

  2. Click “Set your default programs”, Choose the browser you want in the Programs list, and then click Set this program as default.


3. Click OK to proceed.

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Turn On or Off AutoComplete: Filling in website forms and passwords automatically

AutoComplete saves previous entries on webpages and try to suggest what matches for you. It lists all possible related entries from matches you've visited before. You can use AutoComplete to store passwords and other information and automatically fill in the fields you frequently type into web pages, such as your name, phone number and addresses.

When Internet Explorer launches and AutoComplete is turned off. Here’s how to turn it on or off:

  1. Press Win + R and type “inetcpl.cpl”

  2. Click the Content tab.

  3. Click Settings under AutoComplete group


4. Select or unchecked the Address bar, Forms, User names and passwords on forms, and Ask me before saving passwords check box options.

How to Delete AutoComplete History

Open Internet Options, go to Content Tab and once AutoComplete settings window is open, locate the Button at the bottom part of the configuration options as shown above.

That’s it!


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Allow or disallow automatic online activation

Activation helps Microsoft check that the installed software on your computer is genuine. It is the process of making sure that Windows on your PC is used according to the Microsoft License Terms.

Here’s how to enable and disable activation of your copy of Windows online.

Anyway to activate online, you'll need your product key. You can find them on your software box, usually written in the sticker—or in a confirmation e‑mail if you purchased and downloaded them online.

Enable and Disable Automatic Online Activation using Windows Registry

Registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\Activation

Value Name: Manual

0 = Allow automatic online activation (the default setting of Windows)

1 = Disable auto-activation

That’s it!

Read more: How to disable Activation notices and balloons

Application created using RegDevelop

Create your own application using the Registry Data above, its very easy using Regdevelop.


Drag and drop the checkbox control and let’s configure the Registry settings as shown:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\Activation










HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\Activation







Once your done configuring its Windows registry equivalent, test the program by clicking the Start button and Build Now button to compile the program.


That’s it! Thanks for reading the article!


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How to Convert a FAT Volume to NTFS using command prompt

Convert.exe is a utility command use to convert FAT and FAT32 volumes to NTFS. Here’s how to use the program depending on the drive letter that you want to convert.


To convert the volume on drive E to NTFS and you wan to see all the messages completely, type:

convert e: /fs:ntfs /v
or just
convert e: /fs:ntfs

Make sure that command prompt is running as administrator as shown below



CONVERT volume /FS:NTFS [/V] [/CvtArea:fname] [/NoSecurity] [/X]

  volume           Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
                      mount point, or volume name.
  /FS:NTFS       Specifies that the volume will be converted to NTFS.
  /V                 Specifies that Convert will be run in verbose mode.
                      Specifies a contiguous file in the root directory
                      that will be the place holder for NTFS system files.
  /NoSecurity     Specifies that the security settings on the converted
                      files and directories allow access by all users.
  /X                 Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary.
                      All open handles to the volume will not be valid.



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(Battery power) Windows 8 pauses the slide show to save power

LCD and monitors has biggest power consumption according to the study made from MS Engineering Windows 7 group. This corresponds to 42-43% power consumption everyday. This tip will help you save more power for every usage.

According to Microsoft, to save power when using the battery the slide show of your favorite desktop background will pause. This is the default setting for the said configuration option.

Here’s how to access the checkbox option.


Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Desktop Background

Right-click any portion of the desktop and click Personalization. Once the window opens, click Desktop Background located at the bottom part of the screen.


To access the said option you need to go to the Desktop Background window as shown above.

Thanks for reading the quick tip!


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(Enable or show) Hibernate option is missing at Windows 8

powermenu_nohibernate powermenu



The tip let’s you fix the problem with the Hibernate option and it lets you show the said configuration in the Power Menu as shown in the picture.





Go to your power options window by using the Run Window (Win+R) and type: control /name microsoft.poweroptions

Once the power option window opens, at the left pane click “Choose what the power buttons do”


System settings window will be launch and afterwards, go for UAC verification in order to edit the power settings: Change settings that are currently available as shown in the picture


Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings

At the bottom part, scroll until you reach Shutdown settings options. You can enable and disable or show and hide the “Hibernate” option in your power menu including Sleep and Lock.


That’s it! Hope this helps!


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How to add Secure logon for Windows 8

Having Secure logon provides an additional layer of security for your computer and ensuring that authentic Windows logon screen appears. It protects the system from programs (such as a virus or spyware)  that mimic a logon to retrieve the password information.

It is a common security feature of office computers on a domain network which guarantees an authentic login prompt.


It's important to make the feature enabled for security reasons. One way to do this is to enable secure logon, which requires you to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log on.

How to Activate the security feature Secure Logon in Windows 8 and 7

  1. Type netplwiz in the Run window (Win+R) or use “control userpasswords2”
  2. Click "Continue" button for UAC prompt and go to Advanced tab.
  3. Select the Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete check box. 

That’s it!



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Clearing the horizontal stripes in your printer printouts

Experiencing Epson printer problems because of not using the original ink cartridges?

Here’s a quick tip to solve stripes in printer printouts…

You can clear horizontal banding and other related problems by cleaning the print head. You can do this from your computer by using the Head Cleaning software, or from the printer by using the printer's control panel.


  • Using the Head Cleaning utility - to start the, click the Maintenance tab in the printer window, then click the Head Cleaning option. 
  • Note: Use the software if your print quality declines or the Nozzle Check indicates clogged nozzles.
  • Using the printer's control panel.

Caution for obtaining new ink cartridge

  • The manufacturer (EPSON) recommends the use of genuine ink cartridges. Other products not manufactured by EPSON may cause damage and removes the products warranty.
  • Leaving the old cartridge in the printer until you have obtained a replacement. Otherwise, ink remaining in the print head nozzles may dry out.


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(Windows 7) How to make the Power Button Shutdown instead of Sleep

Defining what power buttons do is needed after you bought a new computer. Usually the power button sleeps instead of shutting down. 

We will tackle two different methods to access the power settings. The changes we will make to the settings will be applied to all power plans.

Method 1

Click the  Power Icon and choose “More power options”


Once the power option window opens, at the left pane click “Choose what the power buttons do” option.


For the next window, we can now change the settings for the power button, sleep button and closing of the lid for both On Battery and Plugged In.


 Method 2

For this method, open the command prompt (cmd.exe) and type “powercfg.cpl,0” as shown below:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


For the command, the advanced power option window will appear and just scroll down for the “Power buttons and lid” to configure the sleep, lid close and shutdown action.


That’s it!


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(Quick Tip) How to make Hibernation option available and unavailable for Windows 7

Hibernation is a power-saving feature designed primarily for tablets and mini-laptops. Sleep puts your work and settings in the memory, while hibernation puts your current state such as open documents and sotwares to your hard disk, and afterwards turns off your computer.

Of all the power-saving feature in Windows, hibernation uses the least amount of power. Here’s how to make the feature active or inactive.

Enabling the Missing Hibernate option

C:\Windows\system32>powercfg /hibernate on

Disable the Hibernate option

C:\Windows\system32>powercfg /hibernate off

Other definitions

Hybrid sleep is designed for desktop computers and it is the combination of sleep and hibernate — it saves the current state such as any open documents and programs into the memory and to your hard disk, and afterwards saves your computer into a low-power state so that you can quickly resume to your work. Hybrid sleep is by default – turned on for desktop computers.

For the command powercfg.cpl,1 or Advanced Power Option settings


Technical details

Your copy of Windows uses the Hiberfil.sys file to store a copy of the memory into the hard disk when the hybrid sleep setting is turned on. If this file is not present, the computer hibernation is inactive or disabled.

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How to use and access “Switch User” from command prompt

Your creating something on your desktop, mastering dos-like commands from keyboard shortcuts for the new version of Windows.

Here’s a quick tip to access Switch user interface at the Welcome screen without going to your Start Menu.

Method 1:

Win key + L and click “Switch user” button


Method 2:

From command window, type “tsdiscon” as shown below:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.



Here’s a useful application of the tip:

Right-Click Menu for Shutdown, Log-off, Sleep and Restarting Windows


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(Quick Tip) How to add network programs to Windows Firewall

Having some trouble or problem logging-in to your yahoo messenger, skype or msn messenger?

Allowing a network application to communicate through windows firewall - most of the times is called unblocking, is when you permit a particular software to send information through the firewall.

Here’s how to permit application using netsh:

Allowing a program to the firewall (enable and disable)

netsh firewall add allowedprogram program="C:\Softwares\skypetron\Skype.exe" name="SKY PETRON" mode=enable

netsh firewall add allowedprogram program="C:\Softwares\skypetron\Skype.exe" name="SKY PETRON" mode=disable

Deleting the added program from Windows Firewall listing

netsh firewall delete allowedprogram program="C:\Softwares\skypetron\Skype.exe"

For more information about the utility, Read here: http://unlockforus.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-to-configure-windows-firewall-wired.html

Allowing a program to communicate using a Graphical User Interface

For Windows XP, press Win+R key to open the Run Window > type “wscui.cpl” > Once Security Center opens, scroll-down and click Windows Firewall > In the Windows Firewall window, click the Exceptions tab, and then click the Add Program button. Finally, you just need to locate the exe file or the application that needs to be allowed. That’s it!

For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8, press Win+R key to open the Run Window > type “control /name Microsoft.WindowsFirewall” > Once Windows Firewall opens, at the left pane, locate “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall” > Click the “Change Settings” Button and scroll down for “Allow another program” and locate the executable application that needs to be unblocked.

Overall, A firewall is a program that checks all the information coming from the network. It blocks and permits software programs, depending on your firewall settings.

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(Windows 8) How to add Icons to desktop - Computer, Network, Users folder, and Control Panel

Did you ask why the start menu in Windows 8 was removed? How will you add some important icons such as “Computer” and “Network” icons to desktop? Where’s the “programs” menu?

Anyway, we are already accustomed with the default design of Windows. Here’s a quick tip to add some important icons to desktop.

For more detailed and advanced options, read the link below:



Use the Right-click button of your mouse to the desktop portion of your Windows 8 to access the “Personalize” window.


Once the window opens, go to the left pane and click “Change desktop icons”


Finally, click to choose what icons will be activated – Computer, User’s files, Network, Recycle Bin and Control panel.


You can change the look by clicking “Change Icon” button and “Allow themes to change desktop icons”

That’s it! Thanks for reading the article.


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(Command Prompt) How to automatically open and map a directory

During DOS days, playing with several commands are fun. What if you encounter the longest and the most difficult file path of the century? What can you do to make it easier?

Here’s a quick tip to automatically get into the folder directory from windows to your command window:

Press the Shift key and use the right-click portion of your mouse.



Usual command to go inside the directory

cd C:\Users\hp-test\Desktop\backup>

Or else, you need to use the command cd to change the current directory.

That’s it!


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(Windows 8) How to check and extend the Trial period after three months of used

After downloading the new version of Windows, you’ll be able to try and experience the new features for both hardware (touch) and software functions of the new OS.

Here’s what you can do after the evaluation period expires.

See the license information

slmgr.vbs /dli or slmgr.vbs –dli

- you’ll be able to see the time remaining in terms of minutes and days

For the detailed license status

slmgr.vbs /dlv or slmgr.vbs –dlv

- you’ll see many details regarding software licensing service including the number of times you can extend the evaluation period (Remaining Windows rearm count)


click here for more information

What to-do after Expiration

slmgr –rearm

- you’ll be able to extend the trial period of Windows 8 for another three months.

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Domain, Private and Public: Understanding Firewall Profiles

A firewall profile is a way of grouping all the security rules, such as firewall and connection security settings, that are applied to the computer depending on the location where the computer is connected.

For computers running Vista, Windows 7 and above, there are three profiles for Windows Firewall with Advanced Security:

Profile Description


Domain settings are applied to a network adapter when it is connected to the domain to which the computer is joined. The Domain network is used for domain networks such as those at enterprise workplaces.


Configuration are applied to a network adapter when it is connected to a network that is identified by the administrator as a private network.


Settings are applied to a network adapter when it is connected to a public network such as coffee shops and airports. This helps to protect your computer from any malicious software from the Internet.

These configuration means that if a network adapter is connected to the corresponding group of firewall rules e.g. public network, then all traffic going to or from that network is filtered by the firewall settings associated with the public profile.

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List of Ports number: Understanding Shared Folders and the Windows Firewall

Sharing a folder and files creates an exception of ports in Windows Firewall for File and Printer Sharing. These ports are needed for communication and sharing files.

The exception opens the ports listed in the following table:

Connection Ports
TCP 139, 445
UDP 137, 138

The default configuration is to allow other computer inside the network to access from any location, including computers on the Internet. Unless you block incoming connections on these ports using the table above as reference.

Hope this helps!


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Built-in Command or Executable file to Monitor a Shared Folder

Last time, we covered how to use the shared folder wizard, now let’s take up how to monitor and control these resources using Shared Folders program.

Shared Folders program displays the current computers network folder, current sessions, and open files. Here’s the command to monitor these sessions and open files:


Shares folder lists all the shared files and folders available on your PC as shown below.


Sessions displays the list of users connected or using your shared folder. It also display the number of open files from your PC.


Open Files folder display the location of the file or the name of the file itself being use by the user connected to your PC.


Computer management is a combination of different disk, network and file management tools. You can also access Shared folders through computer management window.


You can find the program through Start Search… That’s it!


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Automatically expand to current folder at Navigation Pane


When you browse any main folder with files and folders inside, the Navigation Pane Tree automatically shows or expand. That is the function of the said option. Anyway, let’s dig what’s happening in Windows registry for technical documentation.

How to activate the automatic expand for folders feature at Windows Explorer

Open your Windows Explorer by pressing Win + E keyboard shortcut and press Alt-T + O and folder option window will appear. At the bottom part, click to check the option “Automatically expand to current folder” and Apply.

As you browse any folder, it will automatically expand at the Tree View Navigational part.

Where to look at your registry for the said option

Just proceed to the path below and study the registry setting:


NavPaneExpandToCurrentFolder = 0 (deactivate) or 1 (activate)


That’s it! you can add the option to your RegDevelop application and guides…

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Hardware Requirements and Screenshots of Windows 8 Release Preview

Windows 8 Pre-Release Edition is a new version of Windows that focuses on touch devices and several technologies behind slim-type computers. The Preview build works great on the same hardware that Windows 7 have.

Here’s the quick list:

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
  • Memory: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
  • tablet or monitor that supports multi-touch.

Screenshots of Windows 8 installation

The Windows 8 logo


Don’t forget to get and enter the serial key in this download page.



Upgrading to Windows 8




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Creating a Startup Drive for Windows 8 flash drive Installer

Want to install Windows 8 with your flash drive? The article is very interesting and really needed for those people using mini-laptops (or so called netbooks), tablets and next generation of computers where dvd’s and floppy drives is not anymore applicable, so let’s try to create a startup disk (bootable drive) for Windows 8.

Prepare your portable drive and format the removable disk as NTFS:


Next, open the command prompt as administrator and let’s make the drive partition as Active.

In the command prompt, type diskpart and press enter.


Wait for a while and let’s display all the drives and partitions using the comand list volume. Find the volume which the usb drive is located and use the command select volume 3 (in my case, its 3!). Press enter and type active. That’s it!

For those people who doesn’t know how to use these DOS commands,  try formatting and setting the partition as Active using Computer Management Tools > Storage > Disk Management.


The final steps - Let’s create a Boot Sector and copy all the files in Windows 8 installer to your flash drive set as active partition.

To create a boot sector, go to the folder where the directory \Boot is located. You can use any Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 installer and go to the Boot directory and type:

bootsect(space)/nt60(space)Flash Drive Letter


d:\>cd boot

d:\BOOT>bootsect /nt60 f:

and wait for these message to appear:

Successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode

Finally, go to the partition where your windows 8 installer is located and copy the files to your flash drive.


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Quick Tip: Command to access Advanced Power Option Settings at Windows 7


A power plan is a group of hardware and system configuration settings that manages how Windows uses power. You can select any of the three different power plans depends on your working environment to reduce the amount of energy your computer uses, maximize speed and performance, and balanced configuration.

To access the advanced power option, type:


at the command prompt.

If you want to access the quick power option configuration like Plans, and sleep and display settings, type powercfg.cpl

That’s it!


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Recent used programs and documents list items at Start Menu Properties


The great thing with the new design of start menu of windows is that, you can easily access all your recent opened software easily. It will display all the icons of your programs with its labels as long as you use that everyday.  Also all file items that you have used recently will be shown at the Taskbar e.g. Recent Drafts and Posts.


Let’s study how it was done first at windows registry (regedit.exe) by going to the folder location below:


Start_TrackProgs = 1 (checked value, 0 to unchecked)

Start_TrackDocs = 1 (the option is checked, 0 to unchecked)

Note: When you unchecked the Recent Programs list it will clear all the items at the start menu, same thing with the Documents Recent list.

Use WinBubble to unchecked and apply the registry setting

If you just want to clear them (the start menu items) and later after several days you want to restore all items, Use WinBubble Enhanced “Display Recent programs at Start Menu” option to unchecked and apply the registry settings.


If checked it will restore all the Program items list.

Winbubble automatically backups the list then later you can restore them using the option.




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