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How to display Process ID from command prompt

Process Identifier is a unique number automatically being assign to each processes for identification. The representation is given in decimal number.

Here’s how to find each programs process ID using command prompt.

Using the command Tasklist to display and find each process ID

The small utility displays a list of processes running on either remote or local machine. It includes Image Name or program name, Process ID, Session Name, Session number and memory usage.


Image Name                                        PID Session Name
========================= ======== ===============
System Idle Process                                0 Services
System                                                 4 Services
smss.exe                                            264 Services
csrss.exe                                            416 Services
csrss.exe                                            472 Console
wininit.exe                                          480 Services
services.exe                                       532 Services
lsass.exe                                            556 Services
lsm.exe                                              564 Services
winlogon.exe                                       576 Console
svchost.exe                                        696 Services


Using the command QPROCESS

The utility displays information about processes. It includes the Username running the program, Session Name, ID, Process ID and Image name or program name.

C:\Windows\system32>qprocess |more

>hp                    console              1   1856  dfdwiz.exe
>hp                    console              1   2036  dwm.exe
>hp                    console              1   1724  taskhost.exe
>hp                    console              1   1860  explorer.exe
>hp                    console              1   2084  vcddaemon.exe
>hp                    console              1   2108  igfxtray.exe
>hp                    console              1   2116  hkcmd.exe
>hp                    console              1   2128  igfxpers.exe
>hp                    console              1   2156  fdm.exe
>hp                    console              1   2188  wweb32.exe
>hp                    console              1   2236  igfxsrvc.exe
>hp                    console              1   2740  wuauclt.exe


Using the command wmic to display each programs PID

Windows Management Instrumentation command-line (WMIC) enables systems management from the command line. It extends the built-in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for interfaces from several command-line usages and through batch scripts.

C:\Windows\system32>wmic process get name,processid
Name                                  ProcessId
System Idle Process                   0
System                                    4
smss.exe                               264
csrss.exe                               416
csrss.exe                               472
wininit.exe                             480
services.exe                           532
lsass.exe                               556
lsm.exe                                 564
winlogon.exe                          576
svchost.exe                           696


Overall, PID or Process Identifier helps us in identifying each program or processes through a decimal representation. These decimal equivalent is unique and can be use for monitoring and other applications.

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