Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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How to launch Disk Cleanup using Run window or command prompt

To save more space, Disk Cleanup finds and cleans by freeing more space at temporary files on your computer. In windows, If you have more than one partition on your computer, you will be asked to choose which drive you want to be clean.

Here's a quick tip on how to access the tool using the command line.

Running the tool without specifying which hard disk is to be cleaned:

To start Disk Clean-up feature and targeting the drive:
cleanmgr /d DRIVE

Example: Cleanmgr /d c:

Overall, Disk cleanup is a very nice tool for cleaning up your computer, getting more resources instead of wasting them. The methods above is a nice to have tip for administrators who wants to create shortcuts for specific tasks for maintenance of computers.

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