Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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General Tab 2: Right-Click Menu Customizations for Windows 10

There are several useful features that WinBubble can do to your desktop and explorers right-click menu. WinBubbles for Windows 10 was designed and accompanied with icons that enriched a lot of user experiences.

Solve problems – the easy way.



Having some problems finding Control Panel items, Software and System tools? The new version will help you revive the Windows Aura that you always look for.

*Taking the Ownership of a file/folder

This will solve the problem in "Access denied" message when opening / moving / deleting a file/folder.

*Copy to/Move To

Increase productivity by speeding up arrangement of files and folders.

*Slow-Down animation

If you want to activate the animation in Windows - go to General Tab, Check the "Slow down Animation" and click the Apply button


How to use it? Press Shift key and click the Minimize button

*Turn Off your monitor when not in use to save battery. According to other people, despite the name - screen savers do nothing. Flashing images and Windows Aero especially LCDs and Displays actually consume more energy during active use.

*Add "Open with Notepad" will greatly help you in everyday use of your computer.






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