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Upload Files and Get the download link afterwards using FileShared

If your going to attach files on your emails, this is very important that you need to upload the files. The problem is exe files such as setup files are not permitted due to virus infections. Even other large formats!
How will you solve the problem?
Use FilesShared, Its a Web Application to upload files and generate the link afterwards for your friend to use by sending the link to him for download through email or chat.

You can only upload up to 3mb in file size.
afterwards get and copy  the link.

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Small Alternative Internet Browser for Emergency

Welcome to the world where everything is tiny. This web browser was design not to replace the giants but to make sure that computer, laptop or PC still works.

According to this article The Web Browser is an old IE code plus EDGE emulation.

  • Its very tiny small and awesome alternative control for browsing.
  • Its very neat and simple means you don't need to study the program
  • ESC for stop and ENTER to browse


That's it!

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Customize Everything in your Windows OS for FREE

Welcome to the world of wonders in Computers! The era where you can change everything to your Windows Desktop easily. The footprint merely junks you up - its very very small.

See this!

Download now

Bins are everyday updated and all are vividly backgrounded with beautiful wallpapers and backgrounds.
- Very secure Internet-enabled Desktop
- Switch to Secure Mode and User mode
- Very fast Search Engine
- Very stable Desktop
- with Chat and Network tools
- Extremely useful Righ-Click Menus
- and many more features...

Top Bins for today: Life Desktop




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