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Codebase IO Design Examples for Automation and Control Engineering

CodeBase IO lets you create electronic systems and can be understand by anyone. It is the analogy to understand binary terms.

Digital and Analog for CodeBase IO

What if you have thousand and thousand of bits (BI) bonded together to form a really strong signal sinusoidally united. Continuously, reading and inputting in order for computers to analyze these data.

CodeBase Samples

- Batteries and Solar Panels: BI Sample
- Remote IO: Diagram
- Free Electronic Circuits Diagrams and BI: Click Here
- Metro Rail or Trains Technology Monitoring: Metro Rail Project

Overall, Analog is many BI (Binary Input) on the computer and Remote I/O are only computers monitoring on range. That's it!


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AC Power and DC Line Monitoring using Computers for CodeBase IO

Monitoring of power lines is very important for safety and electrical problems that may arise in the future.

Real-time power monitoring is critical for everday changing data center environments, line mans workmanship and remote solutions, so instead of going to the site and testing, a problem can be read early in the computer and later decide the necessary actions.


Computers Input and Output works through the interaction of hardware and software with the personnel or engineers maintaining the system. Hardware refers to the machine part of a computer running and the Software is the one interacting and processing those data for further analysis.


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PC Based Water Level Indicator using CodeBase IO Implementation

This Water level indicator is a computer based monitoring system. It displays whether the water is high or low, full, normal or empty.

The PC detects the levels of water using +Vcc wire and input wire only. The technology is very simple and from the author site, it has ten levels of monitoring function.

See the Site:

The controller and setup overall cost $3,000 and uses Windows 7.

What is a Computer Driver?

A computer driver is software that allows your computer to use the hardware or devices. Without drivers, the hardware you connect to your computer—for example, a video card or a printer—won't work properly.


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Save Money later by Controlling Lights and Mains

Want to save money for your electric bill? Use this computer technology for controlling lights and mains!

Try this web-based client:


- Handmade OS

- Uses Server Controller in Microsoft Windows

- Touch Screen Windows Tablet

- worth $2,200 and shipping is included.

- 3 Lighting and 1 mains

- Offline, no internet connection.


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Home Control and Automation using Windows Tablet that handles Lights and Mains

Control your lights and mains using Windows Tablet!

Written in the famous language .Net Framework called Visual Basic, the device lets you ON and OFF your lights and mains using Tough Screen Tablet Device.


- Windows Control Technology (The Server Controller)

- Touch Screen Tablet Device (Client Device to Control 3 Lights and 1 Mains)

- Its just $2,200 and shipping is included.


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Offline Installer of Windows 7 ISO with direct download Links

Windows 7 is one of the most stable and famous Operating System of Microsoft up to date. Here's how to directly download 64-bit and 32-bit installer to your PC.

Read here

Types of computers

Computers range in size and capability. At one end of the scale are supercomputers, very large computers with thousands of linked microprocessors that perform extremely complex calculations. At the other end are tiny computers embedded in cars, TVs, stereo systems, calculators, and appliances. These computers are built to perform a limited number of tasks.

The personal computer, or PC, is designed to be used by one person at a time. This section describes the various kinds of personal computers: desktops, laptops, handheld computers, and Tablet PCs.





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